Digital Security Support Guidance

Criteria for supporting digital security projects

OTF supports efforts that bolster the digital security community and build the infrastructure that will help practitioners to do their work. Example projects include:

  • building the technical expertise of digital security professionals (skills can include forensics analysis, malware investigation and more)

  • researching digital threats in a specific country or region, with a special focus on countries with a restrictive internet context

  • supporting emerging local or regional helpdesks with direct financial support and helpdesk-related infrastructure or technical solutions

Through the Rapid Response Fund, OTF supports network security audits and digital security training for individuals and/or organizations who have experienced a digital emergency or are under imminent threat.

OTF reviewers appreciate applications that are focused in scope, tackle a particular issue in their region, have a clear methodology, and are mindful of similar existing efforts

This criteria can also be found on the OTF website.

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