Alternative Support Sources

We receive hundreds of requests for funding each year. With a limited budget and specific remit, we can’t support them all. Every application round, we are forced to turn down dozens of concept notes, often simply because they fall outside of our remit in some way. Of course, that doesn’t mean those declined ideas lack potential or relevance; it just means we’re not the right funder in this case.

We recognize that seeking out funding opportunities can be time consuming and detract from a project’s “core” focus. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of alternative funding sources, including funders in areas like software development, human rights activism, rapid response, media development, and various fellowships. The list, which we update regularly, can be found here:

pageAlternative Sources of Support

In addition to this list, we keep an eye out for upcoming deadlines from these and other funders in our ecosystem. If you’d like to receive upcoming deadlines from alternative funders on a monthly basis, sign up for the OTF-Announce mailing list.

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