Our Funds and Fellowships

Funds and Fellowships are how we support projects and people. We also connect projects with third-party service providers through our Labs.

Internet Freedom Fund - OTF's flagship funding mechanism

Rapid Response Fund - fast support for urgent digital emergencies

Technology at Scale Fund - primary means through which OTF directly supports the technology needs of USAGM broadcast networks, journalists, and their audiences

Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) - supporting individuals studying censorship through a variety of disciplines

Localization Lab - making internet freedom tools available in new languages

Engineering Lab - facilitate more adoption of underlying privacy, security, and circumvention technologies advancing Internet freedom

Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab - improving the usability and accessibility of open source circumvention and digital security technologies

Red Team Lab - strengthening the security of open-source Internet freedom software

Learning Lab - telling the stories of projects and the results they produce