Edit Your Application

When your application is in the More information requested stage this means OTF has reviewed your application and reviewers have questions related to your application. There are two methods for editing your application.

Method 1: You can edit the application directly via your dashboard by clicking on the Edit button when you are on My Dashboard.

This takes you directly to the application’s edit view.

Towards the bottom of this edit view are three options. You can submit your revised application, save a draft, or copy the application’s questions to a clipboard.

Method 2: The other method is accessing the application by clicking on the title. As seen in the image below, the title of the example proposal is call Project’s Name

When you are on the application page,you will see on the right-hand side of the screen several items. These items vary depending on the status of your application. Applicants will see an Actions to take box if there are actions to take like view a determination. The Related submissions box indicates there is another application associated with this application. Applicants will not see these boxes if there are no actions to take or related submissions.

You could access determinations or correspondence from OTF by clicking on the View determination button in the Actions to take box. Or clicking on the message in the Determinations box.

Your edits in your revised application will be highlighted. This highlighted text enables OTF reviewers to identify the edits or changes you have made to the application.

OTF could review your application side-by-side. On the left hand side is the original application. On the right side is the revised version with highlighted changes.

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