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A brief overview of this guide's contents

This guide is designed to progress in order from high-level, general guidance to more granular, fund or fellowship-specific criteria. Additionally, you’ll find more about the OTF program and ways to learn more about our work outside of this guide. On the left hand side you can navigate from section to section, each of which is briefly described below.

This is the bird’s eye overview of the OTF program. Learn about our mission and purpose, the types of projects we support, and our primary focus areas. Regardless of your project’s size or focus, this is a good place to start.

We offer a few different funding mechanisms tailored to support specific types of efforts, namely: the Internet Freedom Fund, Rapid Response Fund, Technology at Scale Fund, and Information Controls Fellowship Program. In this section you’ll find guidance specific to each.

Through our Labs, we offer various services for Internet freedom projects—whether they are otherwise funded by OTF or not. Available services include tool translations, security audits, secure infrastructure assistance, and more. Head to this section for guidance on each of the Labs we offer.

More specific and detailed criteria regarding the types of projects supported by OTF, focused on thematic areas such as digital security capacity building.

Take a deeper dive on the OTF program: explore our underlying values and principles, learn about our history, access our annual and monthly reports, and check out additional resources.

Instructions for applicants on how to use OTF's application platform.

If you’re thinking about applying to OTF and only read one thing, make it this.

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