My Dashboard

When you log into your account you will see all the applications you have submitted to OTF. When you are on your dashboard you could submit a new application, go to a specific application, and also edit an existing application if OTF has requested more information from you.

Applicants could see where their Internet Freedom Fund application is in the review process. As you can see from the above examples, each application is in a different point of the application workflow or process. James’s Wunderbar Proposal is in the Concept Note Received stage while Bryan’s Proposal is in the More information requested stage.

Here is an image of the full workflow, showing every status your application could be on throughout the application process.

Click on the blue title to go to a specific application. In the examples we provided, the titles are James’s Wunderbar Proposal, Sandy’s Amazing Proposal, and Bryan’s Proposal.

When you are on a specific application, you will see where your application is currently in the review process. You could also access three different tabs on your application page: SUBMISSION DETAILS, COMMUNICATIONS, and ACTIVITY FEED.

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